The New York Times & Bret Stephens

We have just now cancelled our subscription to the New York Times. While we had no illusions as to the reactionary sides of the NYT, & despite some valuable reporting in the age of Trump, the “newspaper of record”’s hiring this past week of Bret Stephens, a rabid climate change denier, was the last straw: no more NYT in our house! Asked about this hiring, the  paper offered a stunning defense: There are “millions of people who agree with him.” As Joe Romm wrote on ThinkProgress: “With that ‘logic’, the Times could hire as a columnist former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke — or a flat earther or someone who thinks vaccines pose a health hazard. After all, millions agree with them. This defense is especially absurd since, as I detailed Friday, the Times has been running a major ad campaign claiming there is no alternative to the truth — and former Wall Street Journal deputy editorial page editor Stephens has repeatedly dismissed as “imaginary” the climate reality reported on every week by the Times’ own journalists.”

We’ve been putting up with the Times’ 3rd-class reporting on literary matters (cf my blog post of 5 march) for many years now, but when the Times decides to join the Fake News crowd — basta!  Fire Bret Stephens right now.

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4 Responses

  1. Daniel Zimmerman says:

    Neither fair nor balanced, pandering to the right diminishes The Times’ ethos.

  2. alibey says:

    Why I really give a shit about is how thin the Book Review section got since, oh, 1970.

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