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WORLD PRESS PHOTO CONTEST 2011 Samuel Aranda of Spain, a photographer working for The New York Times, has won the World Press Photo of the Year 2011 with this picture of a woman holding a wounded relative during protests against president Saleh in Sanaa, Yemen October 15, 2011. Jury chair Aidan Sullivan said about the photo: "The winning photo shows a poignant, compassionate moment, the human consequence of an enormous event, an event that is still going on. We might never know who this woman is, cradling an injured relative, but together they become a living image of the courage of ordinary people that helped create an important chapter in the history of the Middle East." The prize-winning entries of the World Press Photo Contest 2011, the world's largest annual press photography contest, were announced February 10, 2012. Picture taken October 15, 2011.


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  1. pom3Granade says:

    “still orientlist after all these years”… i’d like to nominate this for the song of the year. in fact in a remix version–“all the more orientalist after all these years ”

    what unquenchable fantasy this West still has in store after all these centuries.

    wouldn’t we all would benefit from a psychoanalysis of the western head. an interminable one. it could bring relief and peace upon the earth.

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