“Justice is Not Found Here” (1 of 2)

[Statement to the court by the climate criminal Tim DeChristopher before being sentenced to two years in federal prison and a $10,000 fine for ‘disrupting’ in 2008 a Bureau of Land Management auction of 116 parcels of public land in Utah for oil and gas leases. This defense of civil disobedience will surely ring down the years.IB] Frank Ross Federal Courthouse, Salt Lake City, 26 July 2011 “Thank you for the opportunity to speak … Read more “Justice is Not Found Here” (1 of 2)

Insurrectionism Timeline

After the Arizona killings, one quote from someone who lost a loved one in one of many earlier mass-murdering rampages in this country and re-cited for the occasion by the media, stuck in my mind. It went something like this: “Every country has its share of madmen, but only in this country are they provided with the best possible weaponry.” And indeed, if there is one major problem that … Read more Insurrectionism Timeline

Bacteria, BP & Big Bucks

Well, Cloclo’s Kali Yug will have to wait until tomorrow, despite your baited breath, gentle readers, but the following seems important enough to disrupt the summer Beach Reading tales. Nicole — who is off to New Orleans to take part in fund-raising art & poetry activities meant to help alleviate ever so slightly the plight of the Gulf (click here for details) — sent me a piece of journalism … Read more Bacteria, BP & Big Bucks

ABC of Global Warming

Teaching a course in Poetry & Ecology this fall. Friend John Maas forwarded this link here — looks like very basic but useful (because of where it comes from, ideologically) text to start off a group of undergraduates, before moving to the more interesting stuff. This piece is clear middle-brow, pro-capitalist, “contrarian” as neo-liberal fare, even if, as bluntly stated in the postscript, the author has not yet found … Read more ABC of Global Warming

The Unholy Trinity of Capitalist Cyber-World-Wars

The map above is from Gizmodo, which starts its accompanying article (you can read in full here) with this para: It’s hard to grasp the breathtaking scale of the epic war between Microsoft, Google and Apple. Billions upon billions of dollars. Entire industries at stake. This is the board. These are the pieces.