A Look at 99 Books: Algerian Literature in English Translation

via ArabLit /Arabic Literature and Translation: Which Algerian books have been translated to English, which haven’t, and which should be? By Nadia Ghanem As Algeria approaches another momentous step in its political history with a presidential election that, like Brexit, could happen or not but probably yes rather than not, what better time than to plunge into the fiction of Algerian novelists who have played, like their counterparts everywhere, … Read more A Look at 99 Books: Algerian Literature in English Translation

Neo-Beat Amazigh Band

It was a pleasure last week to get together with poet El Habib Louai & his band — for their lovely gig in Brooklyn that included Louai’s Arabic translation of Ginsberg’s “America” & plenty of other goodies, poetry- and music-wise. They are a treat! Catch them if you get a chance…

Hamid Kachmar’s Art

Via Boston.com’s Brainiac, this info on an Amazigh (Berber) artist whose show I would love to catch ‚ but can’t, unhappily. If in or around Boston, try to do so. Using art to preserve an endangered language  Posted by Kevin Hartnett  October 7, 2013 01:10 PM How do you preserve a language that’s in danger of being forgotten? Turn it into art. The Sherman Gallery at Boston University is currently running an exhibitionof … Read more Hamid Kachmar’s Art