Anne Tardos’ “Nine”‘s

Lovely new poems by Anne Tardos. Check out her full nouvelle livraison of Nine’s by clicking on her name.


NINE  1–45


Djibouti laptop polyrhythmic stevedore imagination for example people die.

Yeah yeah yeah listen to the music around you.

Plagiarize and cannibalize yourself by mining your own work.

Counter-sadistic anti-suffering vraiment triste faché becoming real.

Don’t think for a minute that you don’t exist.

First, get used to the sound of my voice.

Bob Perelman knows what Maisie knew about her parents.

Katy Lederer didn’t have money. She was a poet.

Mitch Highfill keeps a pet moth and an elephant.


Dirty birthday, suntan-benevolence of impenetrable and incendiary nature.

Vibration and particularized energy formations make some sense somehow.

Mind-independent reality: Haley’s Comet exists even if we don’t.

Hold your lover’s hand, and tomorrow will be yesterday.

When in ill thoughts again, stop everything but breathing.

Life is cool. Nothing need be done about it.

Jewish reconstructionism in Mamároneck, why just a minute ago.

When out of context, nothing will ever make sense.

Now I understand you because now I love you.

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