The Transatlantic Life of Alberto de Lacerda

Alberto de LacerdaAlberto de Lacerda

When at or in the area of POETS HOUSE, don’t miss going in & checking out this amazing exhibition of manuscripts, letters, etc. (Duncan, Creeley, Tarn, Ashbery and so on…) presented in the context of INSOLENT GRACE:



On view during library hours through Saturday, June 18
Insolent Grace:
An Exhibition on the Transatlantic Life of Alberto de Lacerda

This exhibition unveils treasures from the archive of Alberto de Lacerda (1928–2007), one of Portugal’s most admired poets, who spent the majority of his adult life in England and the United States. On display are the fruits of his friendships with world-renowned writers and artists: letters to de Lacerda, inscribed books, handwritten poems and other gifts from the likes of John Ashbery, Robert Creeley, Robert Duncan, Marianne Moore, Octavio Paz and Anne Sexton, among many others. At the opening reception, fellow writers and friends gather to remember this charismatic figure. Insolent Grace is made possible with support from the Mário Soares Foundation, the Luso–American Foundation & the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Portugal.

Admission free

Poets House | 10 River Terrace | New York, NY 10282 | (212) 431-7920 |
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3 Responses

  1. Mr Sinclair says:

    we are in possession of a parchment of a pen and ink signed by Alberto de Lacerda called The Exorcist but can find no one that knows anything about this. Can you assist?

    • Pierre Joris says:

      Not sure how i could assist — but if you try Poets Hosue in New York they may connect you to those who set up that show I mentioned on my blog, & the trustees of the De lacerda estate.

  2. Bill Sinclair says:

    I have in my possession a pen and ink on parchment signed by Alberto de Lacerda entitled “The Exorcist”. No one seems to know that he created it. I would like more information.

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