A Two-Bit Morning

1)  Press release by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research  12/17/2013 Recognizing the Elephant in the Room: Future Climate Impacts across Sectors A pioneering collaboration within the international scientific community has provided comprehensive projections of climate change effects, ranging from water scarcity to risks to crop yields. This interdisciplinary effort, employing extensive model inter-comparisons, allows research gaps to be identified, whilst producing the most robust possible findings. The … Read more A Two-Bit Morning

European Enlightenment Possibilities?

Today the FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) brings a conversation between Dietmar Dath, Slavoj Žižek and Daniel Cohn-Bendit. The conversation is entitled “We Europeans have the resource of Enlightenment. [Wir Europäer haben die Ressource der Aufklärung”.] I enjoy the possibility of three intellectuals from different fields (Dath is a novelist, essayist & art editor at the FAZ; Žižek the LLBean — i.e. the Leninist-Lacanian-Mr.Bean — of Europe & beyond; & Cohn-Bendit the iconic … Read more European Enlightenment Possibilities?

Shadi Sadr & Slavoj Zizek

Signandsight.com, one of the good sources for European news-commentary, is taking a summer break, during which there will be no weekly updates from the Feuilletons or Magazine Roundup. They will, however, be posting a number of new features to keep the dog days barking. Here’s one now: The future of Iranian feminism Shadi Sadr, an Iranian feminist and human rights activist working as a lawyer and journalist, was released … Read more Shadi Sadr & Slavoj Zizek