Robert Kelly: An Alchemical Journal (5)

The third time, she tells me, is the Charm. I try again: Hoping to learn by a sign how the Work prospers, I look out into the morning & see a black hen, her white chick. □ What does she do now she is naked? Is this anti-climax? What did I do when the el train rolled on? What was that kingdom of my Consequence? Climax & anti-climax. The … Read more Robert Kelly: An Alchemical Journal (5)

Robert Kelly: An Alchemical Journal (4)

 □ In 1955 I & some school-fellows attempted a revival of Batman as an object of inquiry. It does not feel good to have been in the avant-garde of kitsch. Yet my fingers smell of her authenticity, She Who Is To Be Obeyed, She who is wet. □ These are the books: The works of Gerhard Dorn                  Michael Maier Jakob Böhme Robert Fludd Thomas Vaughan Not one of them … Read more Robert Kelly: An Alchemical Journal (4)

Robert Kelly: An Alchemical Journal (3)

A man of 85 in Northern Dutchess Hospital with aplastic anemia. Given a transfusion, congestive heart failure followed from surfeit of liquid. Given a transfusion of centrifuged blood solids without much plasma, congestive heart failure followed again. Digitalis & mercuric diuretic administered intravenously. “Perhaps the marrow of his bones wore out, as another man might lose his hair.” □ How much can a man lose? If blood is lost … Read more Robert Kelly: An Alchemical Journal (3)

Robert Kelly: An Alchemical Journal (2)

□ And now we have been in the rain. She pulled her shirt off & ran before me up the slope, turning back to note how fast I followed, the eagerness of my address to this step of the operation. There was no measure to this time, no bounds to my eagerness, hence no measure of it, hence no seeming to run faster though I pursued. It was quiet … Read more Robert Kelly: An Alchemical Journal (2)

Robert Kelly: An Alchemical Journal

As promised —though delayed because of lack of internet connections in the Upper Pyrenees— here is the first installment of Robert Kelly’s An Alchemical Journal (first published in IO magazine #4, summer 1967 & reprinted in The Alchemist to Mercury, a collection of Kelly’s work edited by Jed Rasula in 1981. There will be about 10 installments to be published roughly one every second or third day. This schedule will be adhered to … Read more Robert Kelly: An Alchemical Journal

“Winter Music” in June

Another superb new book for this summer: winter music — Photography by Susan Quasha & poems by Robert Kelly. This is a marvelous occasion, especially as it is the first major showing of the color photography of Susan Quasha, co-founder of Station Hill Press for which she has designed a score (hundreds? I’d guess) of books. It is published by ‘T’ Space in Rhinebeck & distributed by Station Hill. … Read more “Winter Music” in June

Robert Kelly, Playwright

Just out from Dr. Cicero Press is the first collection of Robert Kelly’s plays, Oedipus after Colonus and Other Plays — a real treat from one of our best & most prolific poets and fiction writers (& wait for his Collected Essays coming out this fall from Contra Mundum Press!). The book gathers five plays, three of which, Oedipus after Colonus, Monologues for Orpheus & Orestes reach back to Greek … Read more Robert Kelly, Playwright

From A Robert Kelly Reading

On Monday night I caught a reading by Anna Moschovakis & Robert Kelly at the DIA Art Foundation. Exciting work from & excellent reading by both poets (The evening’s audio/visual record should eventually be up at Pennsound). I was able to record a bit of Kelly’s reading & below is one poem I more specifically liked at first “hear.” RK had introduced that section by saying they were a … Read more From A Robert Kelly Reading

Robert Kelly on New Gilgamesh & Beowulf Translations

TENSIONS Robert Kelly  A note on two newly published translations I’m anxious to let the world know about: Stuart Kendall, Gilgamesh. New York, Contra Mundum, 2012 Thomas Meyer, Beowulf, a translation. Brooklyn, Punctum Books, 2012. Where does the tension come from that runs the poem? What’s missing in almost all translations of the old stuff (the classics, the canon, that fleet of inscrutable foreign vessels lined up, sailing in … Read more Robert Kelly on New Gilgamesh & Beowulf Translations