Margo Berdeshevsky sent these pictures she took yesterday in Paris on the occasion of major “anti-xenophobia” demonstrations held all across France. These demos are in reaction to many weeks of governmental harassment, incarcerations and expulsions of the Rom or East European gypsy people — an old story really: no centralized government can stand  people who move, people without fixed abode or with movable abodes that can be fixed anywhere … Read more “ANTI-XENOPHOBIA” DEMONSTRATION ACROSS FRANCE

Cy Twombly's Ceiling

If in Paris this summer, do not miss Cy Twombly‘s ceiling in the Louvre (Sully Wing, 1st floor, Salle des Bronzes, Paris, France.) Twombly is the third contemporrary artist to be asked to contribute to the new Louvre — after Anselm Kiefer’s monumental painting in 2007, and François Morellet’s Lefuel Staircase window installations. For an article on how the painting was done, check the following site, detailing how Barbara … Read more Cy Twombly's Ceiling

The Rimbaldian Pleasures of Paris

An afternoon spent walking the streets of Paris, stopping every so often in a bookshop, then walking on for awhile until the temptation is too much & I have to sit on the terrace of a café (first afternoon this was possible: some sun & a near-human temperature) & start reading one of the books just bought. Today’s books include Pierre Guyotat’s Arrière-Fond (the second installment of his autobiography), … Read more The Rimbaldian Pleasures of Paris