Picasso’s Expensive Disappearing Women

Have a last look at this great 1955 Pablo Picasso painting from 1955 called “The Women of Algiers:” The painting was just sold at auction for $ 180 million, & will disappear into the safe vault of the anonymous private owner, where, as Nicola Kuhn writes in the Tagesspiegel “it will serve as a blue chip, as guarantor of value appreciation in times of an overheated market. How great the current greediness … Read more Picasso’s Expensive Disappearing Women

T.J. Clark’s Picasso

From: Retort / Via: PB [John Banville, Irish master stylist and crusader against vivisection, reviews TJ Clark‘s Picasso and Truth: From Cubism to Guernica (Princeton UP, 2013). Banville grasps why this book should be read alongside Franco [Moretti]’s The Bourgeois (Verso, 2013). Between them they anatomize the quietus of the class and its comforts – the burgers and Bohemians – who made the 19th century their home. IB] A True Picture of Picasso … Read more T.J. Clark’s Picasso

Review of The Burial of the Count of Orgaz

A new review of Jerry Rothenberg and my translation of the Selected Picasso has just been published online by David Detrich of  Innovative Fiction. The book is available from the publishers here. Opening paras below, the full review available here: The Burial of the Count of Orgaz AUTHOR: . | POSTED AT: 9:33 AM | FILED UNDER: INNOVATIVE FICTION  The Burial of the Count of Orgaz & other poems (2004) by Pablo Picasso is a translation … Read more Review of The Burial of the Count of Orgaz

Picasso, Pablo Ruiz: Spanish Poet Who Dabbled in Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture

Below, the video, just put up by the Met on its site, of the talk/reading cum slide projection I gave with Nicole Peyrafitte at the Met 10 days ago. On the Met site you can also catch videos of the presentations of the other two participants, Françoise Gilot and Michael Fitzgerald.

Forthcoming Events

Sunday June 27th Metropolitan Museum 1:00PM “Picasso, Pablo Ruiz: Spanish Poet Who Dabbled in Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture”” A conference & reading by Pierre Joris, co-editor and translator of Pablo Picasso’s poetry: The Burial Of The Count Of Orgaz & Other Poems Nicole Peyrafitte will read  the French & Spanish versions of Picasso’s texts. * * * Tuesday June 29th TRIALOGUES @  The Vision Festival XV Abrons Arts Center … Read more Forthcoming Events