Picasso’s Expensive Disappearing Women

Have a last look at this great 1955 Pablo Picasso painting from 1955 called “The Women of Algiers:”


The painting was just sold at auction for $ 180 million, & will disappear into the safe vault of the anonymous private owner, where, as Nicola Kuhn writes in the Tagesspiegel “it will serve as a blue chip, as guarantor of value appreciation in times of an overheated market. How great the current greediness is, was shown by the next world record established the same evening at Christie’s: this time for sculpture.  Alberto Giacometti’s ‘Man Drawing’ reached $141,3 million.”

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  1. Poo says:

    I think the real question is simply this: Does one eschew all investments or just art? Me, I wish I had purchased first editions of ‘The Sun Also Rises’ and ‘The Great Gatsby’ among others.

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