“Exile: Women’s Turn — A Poem of East and West” by Nabile Farès

Just out from Dialogos Press, this excellent translation of Nabile Farès L’Exil au féminin, a poem sequence from 1990. A superb poet & novelist, who left us in 2016, Farès may be best known in this country for his second novel, Un passager de l’Occident (A Passenger From The West), which concerns his meeting and friendship with James Baldwin, also translated by Peter Thompson & published in 2010 by … Read more “Exile: Women’s Turn — A Poem of East and West” by Nabile Farès

Nabile Farès (1940-2016)

Just heard from his close friend, the poet Habib Tengour, that the great Algerian writer Nabile Farès died on Wednesday. A brief bio-note (revising the Wikipedia entry) for those who don’t know Farès or his work, followed by a little essay I wrote some years ago: Born in Collo, Algeria, Nabile Farès participated, during the Liberation war, in the strikes of the high school students in 1956, before joining the ranks of the National … Read more Nabile Farès (1940-2016)

Baldwin on Salinger

Haven’t commented on JD Salinger’s passing, essentially because I was never able to read any of his books; no matter how young I was, they just fell from my hands whenever I tried one of them. The yawn of that “vision” of “innocence!” But just now was reading the forthcoming translation of the Algerian writer Nabile Farès’ novel The Passenger from the West, which reprints the author’s interview with … Read more Baldwin on Salinger