Rereading, no Rewriting Casanova

Set aside for my late summer reading (when all the traveling is done & I can hunker down with fat books) are two strange, neglected yet major European Big Bokes. I’ll get back to one of them later on, but here is news from the other one — via an intelligent, well-informed review published in the Los Angeles Review of Books. Opening paras below; full article here. Marginalia on Casanova: … Read more Rereading, no Rewriting Casanova

Marginalia on Casanova

I am, as readers of this blog will know, not the most ardent consumer of novels, for questions of time & form. But from time to time a book in novel form comes along that does grab my attention. Here is one, a rare thing, something to be pointed to & out, to be shown, thus a  monstrum, a monster of a book — coming out soon, but the … Read more Marginalia on Casanova