On & By Blanchot

Here is my contribution — a brief remembrance of buying my first Blanchot book in Paris & a reading from The Unavowable Community —to the Maurice Blanchot Celebrations at Bard College in November 2007. Others will follow. Charlotte Mandell has been working on getting all of them up on YouTube. Thanks be given to her.

Blanchot's Désoeuvrement in NY Subway

“Le désoeuvrement” — a core term in Maurice Blanchot’s late writings, which I translated as “the unworking” in The Unavowable Community, available in paperback from Station Hill Press — has just surfaced (well, maybe not exactly the right word) in the New York subway ad:

Jonathan Littell reads Maurice Blanchot

Next month Jonathan Littell’s controversial novel The Kindly Ones will be published in Charlotte Mandell’s translation by Harper-Collins. Meanwhile, for a special issue celebrating the 100th anniversary of La Nouvelle revue Française (NRF), Littell wrote an essay on reading Maurice Blanchot on reading. The original French version can be found on the Blanchot website; Mandell’s translation of this piece has just been published on the This Space site. Here … Read more Jonathan Littell reads Maurice Blanchot