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  • Mehdi Akhrif: Half a Line

    I have been way too busy, travelling for all the wrong reasons, teaching & trying to get the anthology of Maghrebian Writing I’m doing with Habib Tengour ready to send to the publisher in time, to be able to concentrate on this blog — except for announcements of this or that order. What I do […]

  • Translations of Maghrebian Poets

    Two of my translations of work by Maghrebian poets have just come out: — Habib Tengour’s “Ordeal2” in the third issue of Cerise magazine — — An extract of Mohammed Khaïr-Eddine’s Moi l’aigre in the Brooklyn Rail’s intranslation section —

  • One busy week…

    Well, indeed, that was one busy week:  after picking up Habib Tengour at Newark airport early Sunday afternoon (with about an hour extra time in customs thanks to his Arab passport), we made it in good time to the Bowery Poetry project for the Poems for the Millennium volume 3 presentation & reading, with co-editors […]