Ballard, Sinclair, Place & the Novel (Where's Poetry?)

Came across a fascinating essay on PLACE in contemporary British writing by David Cunningham on a Ballardian website — extracted below, full essay can be read here. The piece goes to the novel, rather than to poetry, although Charles Olson, Eric Mottram & Allen Fisher are briefly paid lip-service. Which may be a shame in the end, as the rather clear opposition between Iain Sinclair’s mytho-poetic fascination with place … Read more Ballard, Sinclair, Place & the Novel (Where's Poetry?)

Ballard, Edwards, Peyrafitte & Waldman

Last full day at the University for this semester, thus little or no time for the blog today. But do go and check out Ken Edwards’ lovely & thoughtful piece on J.G. Ballard as a central figure of a “lost avant-garde” on Ken’s Reality Street blog — here. Nicole Peyrafitte also has a lovely busy entry documenting her busy week — here. And, finally, before disappearing into doctoral dissertations … Read more Ballard, Edwards, Peyrafitte & Waldman

Sunday Reads

Some Sunday morning reads (& an added game): JG Ballard’s last short story, The Dying Fall, just published by the Guardian, here. J.G. Ballard in 2007 There’s more pictures & writing on Ballard here. * If into French, check out Pierre Assouline’s Le Monde sponsored literary blog La République des livres here. I always find a couple wortwhile pieces to read there each week. Most recently an excellent piece on Pierre … Read more Sunday Reads

J.G. Ballard (1930-2009)

Jim bows out. The Atrocity Exhibition closes.   During the sixties & seventies, he & Burroughs were the masters of inventive prose for me. On my mind this morning, clear as if it was yesterday, the trip back from his suburban house, around 1972, with Carl Weissner, after an afternoon spent sipping whisky. He had consoled me when I told him that no French publisher was willing to publish The Atrocity … Read more J.G. Ballard (1930-2009)