Oskar Pastior as Securitate Informant?

On a number of occasions NOMADICS has spoken in praise of the poet Oscar Pastior, such as on the occasion of him receiving the Büchner Prize posthumously (click here). Pastior was indeed a splendid poet (check out, for example, the translations of his work published by Burning Deck). But now the following disturbing bit of information has just come in via signandsight, which refers back to the original article … Read more Oskar Pastior as Securitate Informant?

Herta Müller's Nobel Lecture

Here is the opening of Herta Müller — the 2009 Nobel Prize for Literature —’s acceptance speech. You can read the whole lecture here. December 7, 2009 Every word knows something of a vicious circle DO YOU HAVE A HANDKERCHIEF was the question my mother asked me every morning, standing by the gate to our house, before I went out onto the street. I didn’t have a handkerchief. And … Read more Herta Müller's Nobel Lecture

Herta Müller Wins 2009 Nobel Prize in Literature

So the Nobel prize this year went to a German language novelist, originally from Romania. Last week when I blogged on the German Lit prize finalists, Müller was among those mentioned & signandsight  put up a translated extract from her new novel. Below are the opening paras & here the link if you want to read on. So, after a decent but not truly major French novelist got the … Read more Herta Müller Wins 2009 Nobel Prize in Literature