On the Anniversary of Goethe’s Death on this day in 1832

Here a poem by Goethe from his West-Östlicher Divan, a poem addressed to the greatness of the Persian poet Hafiz, and that we can now read as addressing the greatness of the poet Goethe. First in the original, then in my translation. Unbegrenzt Daß du nicht enden kannst, das macht dich groß, Und daß du nie beginnst, das ist dein Los. Dein Lied ist drehend wie das Sterngewölbe, Anfang und Ende … Read more On the Anniversary of Goethe’s Death on this day in 1832

More Summer Noticings…

— Prehistoric Dildo, as reported by LiveScience where Clara Moskowitz writes: “The carved bone was unearthed at a Mesolithic site in Motala, Sweden, that is rich with ancient artifacts from between 4,000 to 6,000 B.C. The area’s unique features may have allowed bone artifacts, which usually get destroyed over the millennia, to survive. ‘It’s an organic object, that’s why it’s special,’ Gruber told LiveScience. ‘Normally when we excavate early … Read more More Summer Noticings…

Goethe's Arabic Title Page

After I posted on Goethe & his Color Theory last week, Tom Cheetham mentioned the post on his Corbin blog,  and pointed to his own postings on the matter, looking at Corbin’s interests in Goethe and at the latter’s interests in Islam and Islamic poetry, Hafiz peeminently (here). I have been reading Goethe’s West-Östlicher Divan for a long time now, & have given thought to the possibility of retranslating … Read more Goethe's Arabic Title Page

Celan, Goethe, Hahneman, Handke and more.

Skimming the Franfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of 10.07.2010 (and then having to buy 2 of the articles for € 2 each — i.e. basically the price of the whole Sunday Times here in NYC) — I came across these bits which may be of interest: — What do a JS Bach receipt for 32 cents (well, groschen) for piano-rental, a batch of letters from Goethe to Legationsrat Falk, a hitherto … Read more Celan, Goethe, Hahneman, Handke and more.

Two Poems by Goethe

On a sunny Monday morning, here are two sudden translations from Goethe’s West-Östlicher Diwan: Goethe to Hafiz: And if the whole world disappeared Hafiz, with you and only you I would compete . Pleasure & pain As twins we’d share! To love & to drink like you That shall be my pride, my life. BLESSING-PLEDGES Talisman on Carneol Is luck & well-being for the believer, If on Onyx all … Read more Two Poems by Goethe