Eric Mottram on France Culture

While preparing my essay on Eric Mottram for next week’s conference at King’s College London, I came across a radio-program I did for France-Culture in 1983 (available right now as they rebroadcast it in August 2016). It was the opener of a series that also included one-hour programs on Tom Raworth, Bob Cobbing, Allen Fisher & Jeff Nuttall. These last 4 have unhappily not been rebroadcast recently & so … Read more Eric Mottram on France Culture

Jacques Taroni, Ciao, l’Ami!

Just learned this morning that Jacques Taroni, the masterful “réalisateur” (producer/director) at France Culture has passed away. It came as a shock as Jacques seemed indestructible, his energy level even in his seventies way beyond any 30-something’s. At an age when most Frenchmen have been in retirement for years cultivating their onions, roses or home-made wines, Jacques was till working constantly & a rhythm only the most energetic youngster … Read more Jacques Taroni, Ciao, l’Ami!