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  • Practical Primer for Protest

    Here are the Egyptian activists action plans, with English translation, as published by The Atlantic a few days ago:

  • al-Tahrir Square Protesters’ Declaration

    Again via Jadaliyya site, the English translation of the al-Tahrir protesters’ Declaration. Translation thanks to Fida Adely. Declaration: Egyptian Youth Protesting in Midan al-Tahrir First Main Point: The Promises of the President and the Events of February 2 We have been protesting since January 25 and conducting a sit-in in Tahrir (Liberation) Square. We strongly condemn […]

  • From Cairo

    The photos above are by our friend the poet Belle Gironda who is teaching at the American University in Cairo and returned to that city a or so week ago. Yesterday she took a whole batch of photos and posted them to her facebook page. So, if you have access to facebook, go check them out there, i.e. click here. […]

  • Gaza Freedom March Blocked in Cairo

    This post by Max Ajl via adbusters; more info can be found here and here. Swiss Free Gaza Action on December 27 The Gaza Freedom March (GFM) was conceived as a massive nonviolent mobilization to end the suffocating siege of the Gaza strip. It was to have seen 1,400 internationals from over 40 countries, including […]