The Rimbaldian Pleasures of Paris

An afternoon spent walking the streets of Paris, stopping every so often in a bookshop, then walking on for awhile until the temptation is too much & I have to sit on the terrace of a café (first afternoon this was possible: some sun & a near-human temperature) & start reading one of the books just bought. Today’s books include Pierre Guyotat’s Arrière-Fond (the second installment of his autobiography), … Read more The Rimbaldian Pleasures of Paris

New Picture of Arthur Rimbaud

Culled from today’s edition of the French newspaper La Dépêche du Midi (the full article in French, here), the photo above was discovered by two Parisian booksellers. The photo,  dated to the 1880ies, shows Arthur Rimbaud surrounded by seven people on the terrace of the Hotel Universe in Aden, Yemen. La Dépêche quotes the booksellers as saying: “It doesn’t matter where we found it or what we paid for … Read more New Picture of Arthur Rimbaud