SPECIAL GAZA EDITION of Woodstock International

From Tarak Kauff, who had been part of the US delegation of peace workers trying to reach Gaza, but where turned back in Egypt, news of the publication of  THE SPECIAL EDITION GAZA of Woodstock International. “This is 20 pages of some of the best articles and pictures of Gaza, Palestine, the Gaza Freedom March, Viva Palestina and the Free Gaza movement.  For those who want to spread the word and learn more yourself about a vital human rights issue and one the the United States contributes and exacerbates big time, you can order copies of the paper. We give out individual copies for free – as many as we can distribute but the printing costs for this issue with color front and back was high so we’d appreciate a donation as requested below for mailed out bundles of 100.  These are going to go fast so don’t delay. If you want it mailed overseas, the mailing cost is $44.” [Tarak Kauff <takauff@gmail.com>]

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