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Jerome Rothenberg posted an extract of the Maghrbi anthology yesterday. Below, his opening paragraph. You can read the whole post here.

Outsider Poems, a Mini-Anthology in Progress (41): The Song of the Azria

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NOTE.  The following is part of Pierre Joris’s ongoing exploration of North African (Maghreb) culture, a work as big & multifaceted as his own sense of the dynamics & far reach of poetic imagination & fancy.  Yet the stakes here, as with much real poetry, go well beyond poesis as such, to exemplify & expose an area of religion & sexuality that has been a given in many parts of the world, “from origins to present.”  Here the azria(courtesan) asserts the role of the outsider, still not forgotten, to raise new/old powers of body & mind in the service of vision & desire. (J.R.)

 Adapted by Pierre Joris from Y. Georges Kerhuel’s French version

I am beautiful Azria
I am unfaithful Azria
I am the tender fruit
of a tree with tight clusters

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  1. Poo says:

    Lovely and yet I feel I know this woman. Or is it she that knows me?

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