Rodrigo Toscano @ Albany U

Lovely performance last night here by Rodrigo Toscano with a number of poet-grad students (Natalie Knight, James Belflower, Anna Eyre & Colie Collen) and poet & faculty member Tomàs Urayoan Noel. A performance, rather than a “reading,” as Toscano works more and more towards a theatre of poetry or a poetry of theater. On this occasion, the central piece (for three performers) with few words but much physical movement, was framed by two pieces for multiple performers and many words, marvelous illustrations of Toscano’s “Collapsible Poetics Theater.” Here a few photos by friend Dan Wilcox:toscano3toscano1toscano2

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2 Responses

  1. Natalie Knight says:

    Thanks for posting these Pierre.

    What a fun performance to be in!

  2. Colie says:

    Yes, it really was. I was floating around on it all week. I should note, Pierre, though it really doesn’t matter, that I’m not a grad student. Just a tagger-along.

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