RAIN TAXI’s annual benefit auction allows you to support the nonprofit Rain Taxi and get cool stuff at the same time! You’ll find signed first editions, gorgeous broadsides, rare chapbooks, seminal graphic novels, quirky collectible books, handcrafted items, and more!  M.T. ANDERSON, Paul AUSTER, Geoff DYER, Brian EVENSON, Neil GAIMAN, William GIBSON, Richard HELL, Brenda HILLMAN, Susan HOWE, Lewis HYDE, Robert KIRKMAN, Gordon LISH, Alexander MCCALL SMITH, Eileen MYLES, Antonya NELSON, Ron PADGETT, Per PETTERSON, Raymond QUENEAU, Edward SANDERS, Jean VALENTINE, and William T. VOLLMANN are just some of the authors whose works you’ll find.  For a full list of offerings, go to our online auction now!

RAIN TAXI is the best — nay, the only — serious review magazine we have for small press publishers in poetry, prose and other beyond genre books.

Supporting it is essential!


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