Rafeef Ziadah – ‘We teach life, sir’

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  1. Poo says:

    Hamas and their ilk have never found a woman or child they were afraid to hide behind. At least this one is not wrapped in a bomb. The bombs she speaks so elequently about are not the more than 10,000 rockets indiscriminately fired by the ‘Balestinians’ into Israel since 2001. They killed. They maimed. They traumatized too. Israelis, for all their faults, do not hide their weaponry in schools, hospitals and urban homes surrounded by neighborhood women and children. Some of the “homes” the Israelis took out with strategic bombing had moveable roofs for rocketry! I realize the phrase “strategic bombing” belongs right up there with “collateral damage” and “friendly fire” but it beats firing rockets to ‘who knows where’ to land on ‘whoever’ just happens to be there.
    I was amused by her UN references. The UN (and here I repeat myself) is a useless and corrupt body of bureaucrats discredited virtually everywhere they busy themselves at conference in 5 star hotels. Our Prime Minister happily declined to speak at the opening this year although he was in New York at the time. He was replaced by our Foreign Minister who wisely used his time slot to render a scathing criticism of the UN to whom we are, unfortunately, the 7th largest contributor. And we actually pay as opposed to many others who are credited with their assessments. Personally I will be happy if I live long enough to see us withdraw completely. We can still contribute to world needs, as we always have, when needed. We have never been hard to find. We have phones and computers here now. I have some myself.
    Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird delivered a scathing rebuke to the UN for its “failures and inefficiencies” most particularly in its inability or unwillingness to stop the slaughter in Syria, even by sanctions. As our feelings are well known, Baird spoke to a largely empty and disinterested chamber. And they expected our Prime Minister? Hell no, they got our money. More fools us!
    “Until the last syllable of recorded time, the world will remember and history will judge member states that are allowing these atrocities to continue,” he said. “The UN spends too much time in self-examination, he continued, and needs instead to focus on the problems around the world that demand its attention.” (Like the Israeli/Palestine “problems”).
    “Not in spite of our commitment, but because of our commitment to this body, we cannot and will not participate in endless, fruitless inward-looking exercises. Consequently, the Canadian mission to the UN will now focus its attention on what the United Nations is achieving, not how it arranges its affairs,” Baird said. “If the UN focuses instead on its true goals, such as prosperity, security and human dignity, internal reform will take care of itself. The UN spends too much time on itself. It must now look outward.”
    Fat chance. Some countries felt we were being “short sighted.” Hopefully we go blind soon.
    On another topic, he had this to say, “A nuclear Iran would embolden an already reckless regime and perpetuate a destabilizing factor for not just an already fragile region but the entire planet,” Baird said.
    Of course Iran supplies armaments to Palestine but who’s counting.
    For the record, Baird has previously stated that we not only support Israel, we stand “beside” Israel.
    But back to the girl and her message of “life.” We have such educational centres teaching “life” here too. The books are supplied by Iran and, oops, Palestine.
    The East End Madrassah, an Islamic school, operates on Sundays out of a Toronto high school. The York Regional Police Service recently launched a criminal investigation through it’s Hate Crimes Unit into the school’s curriculum which refers to, “treacherous Jews” and contrasts Islam with, “the Jews and the Nazis.” Sounds like “life” to me. The teaching materials disparaged Jews and encouraged boys to keep fit for jihad. The police said their investigation had identified passages of syllabus books they found concerning. The police report said a review of 30 school syllabus books found portions that “challenged some of Canada’s core values” and “suggested intolerance.” The Iranian-origin passages referred to Jews as “crafty” and “treacherous,” and contrasted Islam with “the Jews and the Nazis.” Police held Principal Masuma Jessa and Imam Syed Mohammed Rizvi responsible. “As leaders in their respective roles the two must accept responsibility for failing to appropriately screen the learning material. Although not held criminally responsible, the complaint has raised a legitimate concern and has prompted change.”
    Sure it has.
    Rafeef is a great and engaging spokesperson. She may even be a good poet but her true talent lies in performance art. She has a real future there. That’s “life.”

  2. Rochelle Owens says:

    Corrupt intellectuals would be less corrupt
    if they slid off ‘the bandwagon’ of Israelphobia
    and listened to Poo’s words.
    ‘Justice Justice thou shalt pursue.’

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