Quick, More Democracy Everywhere Against Barbarism

« Vite, plus de démocratie partout contre la barbarie » : des manifestants et leur pancarte, place de la Nation, à Paris, dimanche 11 janvier 2015 (JOEL SAGET/AFP)

« Vite, plus de démocratie partout contre la barbarie » : des manifestants et leur pancarte, place de la Nation, à Paris, dimanche 11 janvier 2015 (JOEL SAGET/AFP)

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  1. Poo says:

    A splendid thought, in fact an admirable one but how can you bring democracy to people who do not want it? If people prefer another form of government so be it but, where do I begin with Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, ISIS and their ilk? How do you bring democracy to fanatics who believe their ‘Prophet’ requires the support of homicidal maniacs, rapists and slavers? What kind of Prophet do they think they have, what kind of religion? True, you can defeat militants in the field of battle but what do you do about the moderates who through their silence support them? More marches, meetings and group hugs? Like in Paris where world “leaders” including despots, lashers, silencers of journalists, supporters of terrorism and out and out publicity seekers marched merrily arm in arm with the honest and caring while the cameras rolled.

    “Root Causes” is the common trope of the kiss-kiss set who have never seen a fact they cannot ignore or an opposing opinion they cannot shout down by name calling. Racist, Nazi, Fascist, Reactionary, Islamophobe are but a few that are thrown about willy-nilly. When did Free Speech become so one-sided? Try our own CBC or Toronto Star for example who, for fear of their own safety, stated as “respect”and “sensibilities”, refused to publish or show any cartoons that might “offend” Muslims. Catholics, Anglicans, Jews and assorted other religious groups or business people be damned, cartoons of them they can show; they don’t attack the media! They don’t behead! Respect indeed. Fact is, the cartoons are, for better or worse, part of the story. Personally, I am no fan of ‘Charlie Hebdo’ as I do not see much of it. I do find a good deal of what I have seen to be quite funny and, inasmuch as they are not urging murder and mayhem, perfectly legitimate not to mention legal. The one about Hollande’s penis being the President of France is among the funniest I have ever seen. Yet even the poor and unpopular President can take a joke. He supports ‘Charlie Hebdo.’ Thus proving that few among us can resist a good penis joke.

    We are advised not to judge all Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics. Fine. We are encouraged, however, to judge all gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics. Funny how that works. For the record, I do not own a gun. Also funny that the lunatic terrorists always shout “Allahu Akbar” while committing their cowardly and barbarous acts. If they are lunatics, shouldn’t some of them be shouting, “Anchors Away” or “Kumbaya” or even “Obladi Oblada”? Why are all these “alleged jihadists” shouting the same thing? Could it be that they all suffer from the same disease, the same lunacy? There’s a “root cause” for you.

    Muslim moderates must face the real world, the one that features various Islamist terrorist attacks, 7th century fundamentalist practices, gender discrimination, forced marriages and the like as evidence that Islam cannot wholly be regarded as a religion of peace or 21st century norms. An idealized interpretation of the Qur’an is far from useful. It is not just an extremist fringe that misinterprets the Qur’an, as many apologists proclaim. Those found guilty of blasphemy and apostasy are executed in countries such as Saudia Arabia in the name of protecting Islam. They are not alone. This is not to mention the atrocities committed in the new Caliphate by ISIS and in Nigeria by Boko Haram. Far too many so-called moderate Muslims dance around meanings and stretch interpretations when confronted with facts about jihadists, Muslim governments, madrasas and their interpretation of the Qur’an.

    Sharia law now challenges the legal systems of many host European nations. Sharia law and the Qur’an are cited to uphold polygamy and a husband’s right to beat his wife. European citizens at large are denied such behaviour by law, a good thing I think. In France, home to 13 million Muslims, the government no longer controls the densely-populated, predominantly Muslim ghettos that encircle most major French cities. Like police in other countries, French police seldom patrol these areas. Even so, the Muslim prison population stands between 60% and 70% in France. Throughout Europe, Sharia Law is either in force in Muslim areas or demanded there. Imagine that, one country, two laws. If you ever emigrate to a Muslim country, try getting your own laws, control of education and a police force! Just a thought.

    France has a vibrant democracy. There is liberty and opportunity for those that seek it, for those that partake of French life rather than those that try to change it or live apart from it. True, a certain amount of racism has always existed but not so much as today where Jews are attacked on the street, in their stores, schools and synagogues . That has not been seen since the Nazis era. I’m not name calling. It is what it is.

    Immigration is a good thing. My Grand-Parents on both sides were immigrants from the British Isles and the Netherlands. In the end, it produced me, no triumph I admit. But I am assimilated, integrated, franchised or whatever. I’m a Canuck, eh?

    Muslim immigration and their rapid reproduction continues apace in Europe. The Pew Research Center cites Islam as the fastest-growing religion in Europe. Countries with the easiest access to social programs tend to be the main beneficiaries. Record numbers arrive daily in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and across Scandinavia. Britain, Holland and Spain are experiencing the greatest Muslim immigration. It should be a good thing. Integration and shared values would be a start. It works for other immigrants.

    Meanwhile, 6,000 Jews leave France for Israel, England, Canada and the U.S. each year. They’ve been persecuted before. Oddly, they feel safest in Israel, an oasis of green surrounded by sand and missile launching terrorists who deny their right to exist. Go figure that too.

  2. pooah says:

    A few typos, so here it is again:
    My only regret is not to be good at drawing/ I imagined a drawing of Moses, in similar attire as Mohammed, with a text that says “had I imaginaged it would produce so many criminals, I ‘d have never spoken about the Promised Land”

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