Poets’ Spring in Luxembourg

Apologies for not having posted these last two weeks, but things have been very hectic and busy indeed. If last week I was in Europe for four days on a family occasion, I will return there this week for five days to take part in the “Printemps des Poètes Luxembourg 2011” festival. When I’m not on the road or in Albany teaching, I am trying to finish another largish gathering, “Diwan Ifrikyia,” an anthology of North African poetry & more through the ages. Over the next couple of months I will post some of the work that will go into that project here and elsewhere on the web. Meanwhile, go here for the details of the Luxembourg reading, should you be in the area, or just curious.

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3 Responses

  1. Poo says:

    The last time I was in Luxembourg I caught a plane for New York. Proof positive that old people still have memories! Enjoy this trip. Sorry I’ll miss it. I miss a lot, don’t I?

  2. Poo says:

    Actually, I forgot that I had a question (so much for old memories). What language will you be reading your work in? Will it be English, French, German or Letzebuergesch for the locals? I always wondered about that. No need to tell me who does your translations.

  3. Pierre Joris says:

    English — though at times I’ll through in one of the translations into french.

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