Godston, Peyrafitte, Prevallet & Musicians @ A Gathering of the Tribes

Poetry-Sound-Music Intersections at A Gathering of the Tribes

Saturday, December 4, 2010 (7-9 p.m.)

You are invited to “Poetry-Sound-Music Intersections” at A Gathering of the

*    1st set: Kristin Prevallet (poetry) and Edmund Mooney (electronics)
*    2nd set: Nicole Peyrafitte (vocals, poetry), David Boykin (reeds),
Dan Godston (trumpet), and Tom Zlabinger (upright bass)

DIRECTIONS: 6 to Bleecker or F,J,M,Z to Essex-Delancey; m1 to 5th & 1st Ave,
m9 to 2nd & Ave B, or m21 to 3rd & Ave C; then walk east.


NICOLE PEYRAFITTE is a Pyrenean-born performance artist who sings, paints,
films, writes, and cooks.  Her eclectic heritage allows her to perform songs
that range from French cabaret to jazz standards and contemporary poetry.
Her voice is frequently heard integrated into multimedia stagings based on
her visuals and writings. Peyrafitte’s work creates an imaginative identity
between two continents & four languages.  Her more recent performances are:
The Bi-Continental Chowder/La Garbure Transcontinentale (Multimedia
performance & CD), Whisk! Don’t Churn (with Michael Bisio, live performances
& CD), Augustus Saint Gaudens’ return to the Fatherland (Multimedia
performance, article, and documentary in development), Sax, Soup, Poetry &
Voice (Performance & DVD with Pierre Joris & Joe Giardullo). More info at:

KRISTIN PREVALLET is a poet, essayist, performer, and educator whose
literary focus is to integrate political and personal consciousness into
radical poetic forms.  Her books include “A Helen Adam Reader: Selected
Poems, Collages and Music,” “I, Afterlife: Essay in Mourning Time,” “Shadow
Evidence Intelligence,” “Scratch Sides: Poetry, Documentation, and
Image-Text Projects,” and “Perturbation, My Sister: A Study of Max Ernst’s
Hundred Headless Women.” www.kayvallet.com

DAVID BOYKIN is a musician and composer whose projects include the David
Boykin Expanse, the David Boykin Outet, and Boykin Seigfried and Reed. He is
also the founder of Sonic Healing Ministries. His recordings include
“Evidence of Life on Other Planets, Vol. 1 and 2,” “Ultra Sheen,” and “47th
Street Ghost.” www.myspace.com/davidboykinexpanse

EDMUND MOONEY is a sound artist whose projects have included installations,
film and dance collaborations, and other projects. His recordings include
“Beyond Materials,”
“The Eighth Nerve,” and “Happy Trails.” www.edmundmooney.com/

DAN GODSTON teaches and lives in Chicago. His writings have appeared in
Chase Park, After Hours, BlazeVOX, Versal, Beard of Bees, Drunken Boat, 580
Split, Kyoto Journal, The Smoking Poet, Horse Less Review, Moria, Apparatus
Magazine, EOAGH, Requited Journal, and other print publications and online
journals. He also composes and performs music, and he works with the
Borderbend Arts Collective to organize the annual Chicago Calling Arts
Festival. www.borderbend.org

TOM ZLABINGER is a musician and composer who has worked with Marshall Allen,
Eddie Gale, Lewis Barnes, Roy Campbell, Steve Swell, Federico Ughi, Daniel
Carter, Steve Dalachinsky, Marc Edwards, Ras Moshe, Blaise Siwula, and other
artists. He is also an instructor of music at York College/CUNY and is the
director of The York College Big Band, The Blue Notes, and The Summer Jazz
Program. www.myspace.com/tomzlabinger

A Gathering of the Tribes
285 East Third Street (Between Ave C & D) #2
New York, NY  10009
Phone: (212) 674-3778

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  1. ruth lepson says:

    wish I cd hear you. have my own (new) group, Box Lunch & we will be at Zinc Bar in Feb–at the NEng Conservatory where I teach we collaborate. thanks for all yr lively work & play.

  2. Poo says:

    I seem to miss everything !

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