Czech Composer Petr Kotik
“Music of Words, Poetry of Sounds:  A Residency with Petr Kotik”

MARCH 26th – 28th, 2009

The Kotik Residency is a three-day event featuring an open rehearsal, a talk, and two evenings of performances centering around the composer and conductor Petr Kotik.
Quick links for information about Petr Kotik and his SEM Ensemble:
The College of Arts and Sciences created a web page with the press release:
With the exception of the Saturday evening performance, all events are FREE.
DAY ONE Thursday, March 26 (1 event-FREE)
* Kotik–open rehearsal/talk in the Performing Arts Center Recital Hall (7-9 pm)
DAY TWO Friday, March 27 (2 events-FREE)
* Kotik–talk/open lecture in the English Department (3 pm in HU 354)
* Sound-Text Performances at UAlbany Art Museum (6-8 pm) by the
Be Blank Consort (BBC) and a re-visioning of John Cage’s “Empty Words”
featuring Petr Kotik
DAY THREE Saturday, March 28 (1 event-Tickets $8; students $5)
Performance at UA Performing Arts Center; pieces by Petr Kotik, John Cage,
Morton Feldman, Phill Niblock, and Jackson Mac Low (7 pm) as performed
by members of the UAlbany Percussion Ensemble and members of the
UAlbany Chamber Singers.
* Phill Niblock’s PK & SLS (1989) for flutes, performed simultaneously
with Niblock’s video Movement of People Working (1973-91)
* John Cage’s Solos (1958), simultaneously performed with Cage’s
Fontana Mix (1958), for 4-channel tape
* Jackson Mac Low’s Milarepa Gatha (1977) for chorus
* Petr Kotik’s The Plains at Gordium (2004) for six percussionists
* Morton Feldman’s Christian Wolff in Cambridge (1963), for chorus
A Sound Exhibition; An Exhibition of Scores and Visual PoetryMarch  to May, 2009 (FREE)
An exhibit of scores and visual poetry at the UAlbany Main Library from January 09 to May 09. The exhibit of scores and visual poetry will include works by Petr Kotik, works from The Geof Huth Papers in the The M. E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, and various visual-poetry works and scores by the Be Blank Consort and its blank affiliates.

For further information, contact Bernadette Socha at or 518.442.4187.
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