Petition for U Albany Languages, Literatures & Cultures Department

It is important for anyone concerned with the future of the Humanities in this country’s Higher Education system to sign the petition expressing  concern and dismay at the decision recently taken up by the president and his advisory board to eliminate French, Russian, and Italian from SUNY Albany’s curriculum. Go here to sign the petition before the 1 November closing date. Thank you!

More on SUNY Albany Retrenchment

The irony of what’s happening in the College of Arts and Sciences at SUNY Albany — the retrenchment of the Language, Literature and Culture Department  —  is obvious if you look at what it says on the University’s logo: “The World Within Reach.”  Below,  extracts from an article by  Scott Jaschik published yesterday in Inside Higher Education. You can read the full article here. The official announcements at the … Read more More on SUNY Albany Retrenchment


THE PETR KOTIK RESIDENCY AT THE UNIVERSITY AT ALBANY “Music of Words, Poetry of Sounds:  A Residency with Petr Kotik” MARCH 26th – 28th, 2009 The Kotik Residency is a three-day event featuring an open rehearsal, a talk, and two evenings of performances centering around the composer and conductor Petr Kotik. Quick links for information about Petr Kotik and his SEM Ensemble: * for Petr Kotik: & * for … Read more PETR KOTIK IN ALBANY