Great Day for a Ballgame…

… as Fee Dawson would have said. From one p.m. to about four p.m. I will watch the first game of the new season — my Mets playing the Marlins. Now, Ron’s Phillies may be touted as National League favorites, and our starting pitching may be shaky while our bullpen’s scrappy, but who knows, the Amazins may be back with a surprise this year. Above, the cover of a famous opening day scorecard — Ebbets Field 1947, the first time Jackie Robinson took the field for the Dodgers, a momentous day for baseball indeed. I borrowed it from Jeff Kisseloff’s  website (subtitled “A tour through the detritus of history in my office”) & you can see more of that scorecard here.

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2 Responses

  1. Ron Silliman says:

    Well, with three games still to play or complete, there have been 4 games thus far in which the winning team scored 11 or more runs. It used to be that you had to get into July & August & the really hot weather to see that many double digit victories. This is not going to be a year of parity. There are going to be teams that win 110 games & teams that lose 120.

  2. admin says:

    Yeah, and that’s kind of scary. Due to no small degree, I would think, to the unwarranted expansion of the leagues which has translated as simply not enough good pitching to go around, so that bullpen meltdowns will occur eve3n on opening day when the starters are the teams’ aces.

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