Nimrod (befoe ISIS), Peter Sloterdijk on Heidegger (in French), Samah Selim on Translation & Adaptation

& here for the weekend’s end a few items of interest in between the ongoing Meddeb / Malady of Islam serialization:

Much angered by the destruction of Nimrod & other archeological sites. Must be the first time I am thankful (put that word under erasure) for the British & French colonial greed that stole & stored much of the moveable treasures in their museums.

Nimroud : à quoi ressemble la cité antique… by lemondefr

& a digital reconstruction by the MET:

If you have French, the following is a treat:

Colloque «Heidegger et “les juifs”» – Peter… by laregledujeu

“If you were not in Cairo on February 17, or for some other reason missed Samah Selim’s must-hear talk — on the nature of translation, adaptation, genre-invention, and a few other things — then, lucky you, the video has been uploaded to YouTube”:

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