Carolee Schneemann

Yesterday afternoon we went to see the New York premiere of Canadian filmmaker Marielle Nitoslawska‘s 100-minute documentary on Carolee Schneemann who for me is one of the essential avant-garde artists of the twentieth & the twenty-first centuries. I am still too much under the spell of the film to give a coherent “critical” assessment, except to say that it is a superb achievement & certainly one of the very best documentaries on an artists’ work I have seen. The title, Breaking the Frame, is absolutely accurate to the work Schneemann has been doing over the last five decades, be that in painting, performance art, film, video, installation. Do not miss this film, if you get a chance to see it. Below, the trailer & the official description:

Shot over a period of 6 years in collaboration with the artist, and utilizing a rich variety of film and hi-definition formats, Breaking The Frame can be described as a kinetic, hyper-cinematic intervention, a critical meditation on the relation of art to the physical, domestic and conceptual aspects of daily life and on the attributes of memory. It uses Schneemann’s autobiographical materials to narrate the historic upheaval within Western art in post-war America.

Breaking the Frame – Trailer from marielle nitoslawska on Vimeo.

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