Nicole Peyrafitte's Upcoming Albany Gigs

Monday May 8th 7PM (we start ON time)
Monday Night Experimental Cabaret
@ Tess’ Lark Tavern – Albany
donation suggested

An Incredible Lyrical Apparitions: Ryder Cooley and Sarah Gonek in A woven cloth of dreams as songs spoken from beyond the murky…

And the premiere of The Caveat Onus a series of poems by Dave Brinks performed by Greg Haymes (washboard & voice) and Nicole Peyrafitte (voice & electronics).

For full bios and more info consult:

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Do not miss my rock ‘n roll debut with this awesome group!

Thursday May 11th 8PM
Tess’ Lark Tavern

Nicole Peyrafitte guest artist with

The Hick Engine Ears

w/ Mitch Elrod, Jonny Cat Cohen, Pete Sheehan

& again on

Tuesday 30th 8:00PM

The Hick Engine Ears

Guests Performers: Nicole Peyrafitte & Albie

official publicity:
“This gig will bring some most exciting convergences. Firstly, it is the first gig in years for Elrod and The Hick Engine Ears. The Hicks have been recording, again, and have 2 probable CD releases forthcoming this year. One of those recordings, working title, Wordling, is a collection of sketches designed for full throttled improvising. Elrod likes to scat and claw/go-nuts on
electric guitar. JonnyCat Cohen, a truly superb bassist, likes to kick your ass with his bass. And, Pete, Peethro, Sheehan is a ultra-cool drummer…always in the moment and sniffing for groove.
Nicole Peyrafitte will join the Hicks for a set of Wordling jamming. Nicole is an outstanding singer and multi-conceptualist, and she’s quite intense and dramatic. Very much in the moment and always listening deeply (Nicole is wrapping up her own debut recording these days). Her set with The Hicks starts at 8pm, and is not to be missed.

Joining the Hicks for the 2nd set will the Illustrated man himself, Albie. He plays lead guitar like he means it. He rocks hard, yo!
Albie and Elrod have co-written many of the songs for this 2nd set, and Albie with The Hicks (We’re looking for a cool name for this emerging outfit of wackjobs) is a beautiful thang. 2nd set at 9:30.

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