Marguerite Duras Reads from "The Lover"

The French magazine La Règle du jeu has just published (online) a 50 minute-film of Marguerite Duras with film-maker Claude Berri, made in 1987, in which Duras reads and talks about her novel L’Amant. A very moving document indeed, even if you don’t think of L’Amant (translated as by The Lover by Barbara Bray) as one of Duras’ more interesting books. You can watch the video here. The montage is by Gregory Engler, based on some 50 minutes of footage selected by Sophie Bogaert and Olivier Corpet from several hours of film shot during August 1987. So far the movie has only been shown twice, first on the occasion of the « Journées Duras » organized at the IMEC (Abbaye d’Ardenne, janvier 2007) and on 2 March this year in New-York at the French Embassy on the occasion of the  «Festival Duras.»

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  1. Dan Wilcox says:

    Thanks for this — I often wished I had been of an age to be one of her lovers, but then I’d be dead by now.

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