Jerome Rothenberg Reading from ‘Eye of Witness’

Here, the first 10 minutes (then my iPhone claimed fullness) of Jerome Rothenberg’s reading (at Page 22 this past Sunday) from EYE OF WITNESS, his amazing new book just out from Black Widow Press. Although billed as a “Reader”, this book is way more than a Selected gathering of poems, essays & translations. It is a true book of its own, an assemblage that organises fifty some years of work into a new “grand collage” structurally related to the ways in which Jerry organized his anthologies. It allows for a rich, always new or renewed presentation of a magisterial ouevre.

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  1. Rochelle Owens says:

    –Jerome Rothenberg’s
    EYE OF WITNESS–A spectrum that is authorative, global— and a pleasure to read.
    Bravo Jerry!
    Rochelle Owens

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