James Koller reads “The Bone Show”

Bertie Koller, son of poet James Koller (1936-2014), sent the following letter to family & friends a few days back to announce the beginning of a project involving publishing online his recordings of his father’s collected works. Here below, his letter & a link to the first installment, the recordings of Jim’s The Bone Show:

Dear family & friends, at some point leading up to the winter of 2009/2010 my father, James Koller, asked me to record him reading his books of poetry. The plan was that these recordings would be made available online. So in late January & February of 2010 I wandered down to Jim’s house in Georgetown, Maine,  set up my recording equipment, & he would “lubricate” his voice with whiskey before reading until he grew tired of it. We did this five or so times over the course of a few weeks, recording some 14 books as well as some unpublished material. I made the mistake of recording these sessions in such a way that they required a great deal of editing to track the poems separately, which in part is why this project never came to fruition during Jim’s life. Well, I’m still not done editing the recordings, but what is done I have begun to put online for all to enjoy.

So enjoy.




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  1. Gary Lawless says:

    Bertie is actually Jim’s son, and a very accomplished singer/songwriter, who has performed with his dad –

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