James Koller reads “The Bone Show”

Bertie Koller, son of poet James Koller (1936-2014), sent the following letter to family & friends a few days back to announce the beginning of a project involving publishing online his recordings of his father’s collected works. Here below, his letter & a link to the first installment, the recordings of Jim’s The Bone Show: Dear family & friends, at some point leading up to the winter of 2009/2010 my father, James … Read more James Koller reads “The Bone Show”

James Koller (1936-2014)

For Jim Koller now traveling the Great Barzakh, the In -be- tween that’s all we have when it all comes down to it I see you walking down that road & on the other side of the river Franco is waving welcome as are so many of our friends as we will be all too soon . Check out the following site for more news & memorials.