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Blurbs for Meridian:

Over the last half century Paul Celan has emerged as the iconic poet of the postwar/post-Holocaust period—for some of us the greatest German-language poet of the twentieth century as a whole.  To those for whom he has served as a guide or beacon, his Meridian speech from 1960 remains his most telling testament to the powers and problematics of poetry and art.  Now, in this remarkable work of scholarship, a still greater body of poetics and poesis comes to light.  Inaugurated by Bernhard Böschenstein and Heino Schmull, and carried over into English by poet and translator Pierre Joris, Celan’s celebration of the uncanny and transitory appears along with its several early versions and with a range of source materials that make up a poetic collage, an implicit epic, in their own right.  Those who know how to read it will find sustenance here for years to come. —Jerome Rothenberg


This meticulous, fascinating, and, finally, compelling edition begins by unlocking what seems to be the work’s multifoliate nature. Ultimately, though, and with the help of Pierre Joris’s eloquent translation, we discover that that under the many surfaces of this magisterial essay is an abyss of poetic thinking struggling to emerge into the light of our encounter. — Charles Bernstein


It may seem quixotic to undertake a translation of all the notes and drafts leading up to “The Meridian.” However, with a poet of Celan’s importance —a poet not given to writing statements at all: his Collected Prose fits within 50 pages — even just tracing the genesis of this major poetics statement would be worth while. But what we have here is more: it amounts to a record of Celan’s thinking about poetry. In other words, it’s a treasure. — Rosmarie Waldrop

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    Congratulations on the book and the fine blurbs. I even get a new desktop background picture !

  2. Malcolm says:

    Congratulations and thank you!

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