Review of the Meridian

Nice review of my translation of the MERIDIAN  (Paul Celan Edited by Bernhard Böschenstein and Heino Schmull) — see clickable book below in left column — in  Journal of Austrian Studies 45:3-4 on 2/1/2013. “This translation of a critical edition represents, as Joris himself notes, an epic work. In minute detail it traces the origins and evolution of Celan’s <i>Meridian</i> speech for an Anglophone readership, thus making Celan’s text … Read more Review of the Meridian

On Celan’s “Meridian”

A review of Paul Celan’s The Meridian just in via the British This Space blog. Below the opening paras. You can read the complete piece here. Poetry, ladies and gentleman: an expression of infinitude, an expression of vain death and of mere Nothing. These were the first words I read from The Meridian, a speech given by Paul Celan on October 22nd 1960 in the German city of Darmstadt on reception … Read more On Celan’s “Meridian”

It’s Out!

You can get it here & here. Blurbs for Meridian: Over the last half century Paul Celan has emerged as the iconic poet of the postwar/post-Holocaust period—for some of us the greatest German-language poet of the twentieth century as a whole.  To those for whom he has served as a guide or beacon, his Meridian speech from 1960 remains his most telling testament to the powers and problematics of … Read more It’s Out!