Gennadi Aygi Fund Set Up by PEN

Larry Siems, the PEN American Director of the Freedom to Write and International Programs, has just informed me that PEN — which is already helping Gennady with a gift from their emergency fund — would be happy to collect and pass through additional contributions from individuals. To avoid major accounting questions and get the aid to Aygi in good time, PEN has set a deadline for contributions and will accept donations through February 15.

All money sent to PEN for this purpose should be clearly earmarked for the “FTW emergency fund/Gennady support.” PEN will total up what will have been received and wire the equivalent amount to Gennady Aygi. (Donations made this way, i.e., to PEN American Center — FTW emergency fund/Gennady support — are tax deductible, you may be interested to know.)

Send donations to:

PEN American Center
FTW emergency fund/Gennady support
588 Broadway #303
New York, NY 10012

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