For Whipped Cream and Double Bass

Last night, a lovely long poetry & performance evening: the Vernal Cabaret at the Gershwin Hotel as a fundraiser for Nesenkeag Cooperative Farm. It was a great pleasure to meet up with old friend David Able, out of Northwest Coast exile to mc the evening, watch Miranda Torn-Brown dance to her mother, Lee Ann Brown’s, songs & poems, have Sparrow run for president and promise to provide massive jobs for a new employment category, the strewers of flowers who will henceforth preside ritually at any and all official ceremonies. Sweet also to hear Steven Taylor squeeze Allen Ginsberg’s old harmonium and sing one of the latter’s Blake poems. I did miss a whole batch of people (sorry Simon, old friend) but as roadie for the Peyrafitte/Bisio band I had my hands full. Here’s a snippet of the latter’s finale number, a duo for bass and whipped cream. You will soon be able to catch a full recording on Nicole Peyrafitte’s blog Collectages, a place I recommend for art & cuisine.
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