First Egyptian Graphic Novel Confiscated

Here an extract from an article in the current Al-Ahram Weekly on censorship of the arts — this time in relation to the first Egyptian graphic novel. You can read the full article here. And you can read the opening chapter of the book in an English translation here — remember that you need to read the strips from right to left.

The Metro we missed

The first Egyptian graphic novel, The Metro, was confiscated by the authorities last week a few months after its publication, writes Rania Khallaf

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Nasser’s metro station as depicted by the novel, with the slogan ‘Sufficiency and Justice’ promoting it

Magdy El-Shafie, author and cartoonist of The Metro, widely regarded as the first Egyptian graphic novel, last week received a summons to appear before the state prosecution service following the confiscation of his novel from the publisher, Malameh. Mohammed El-Sharqawy, head of Malameh, also received a summons, this time following 15 days spent in prison as a result of his participation in the 6 April strikes.

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