“Fire Won’t Eat Me Up:” Iraqi Poet Manal al Sheik

In Roxana Vilk’s short film, “Fire Won’t Eat Me Up,” Manal Al Sheikh says it is dangerous for her to be a writer in her hometown of Nineveh, Iraq, so she now engages readers online from Norway. The documentary, produced for Al Jazeera’s “Artscape: Poets of Protest” series, follows Al Sheikh as she prepares for a reading.

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  1. Poo says:

    A touching testament as to why and how the Arab Spring became an Arab Winter. The definitions of “liberty” and “freedom” are not as we know them in the west, at least most of the west. She is fortunate indeed to have found such a place as Norway. It has a climate a Canuck can appreciate. They too are fortunate to have her. I hope she stays, not only for her children but for her work. It needs to be heard. In Norway it will be. And from there to us.

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