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A Brian Dettmer piece from a series called Book Autopsies. You can see more of these on the Centripetal Notion site.


The note below just in via Peter Riley. I think of Equipage as one of the very best, and maybe the most consistently adventurous of the little presses in the UK (alongside Allen Fisher’s Spanners and Bill Griffiths various ventures). Just wish Rod Mengham would set up a website for Equipage with paypal capabilities, as that would make things easier, at least for us over here in the US, to keep informed and buy the books. You can find some info on Equipage on the CambridgePoetry website:


c/o Rod Mengham, Jesus College, Cambridge, CB5 8BL, U.K.


with the Cartalia series

seven new titles individually designed and printed with hot metal on laid paper by the Polish printing company Cartalia

Isobel Armstrong, Desert Collages, price £4.50
David Chaloner, Beyond These Lines, price £4.50
William Fuller, Dry Land, price £4.50
Brian Henry, In the Unlikely Event of a Water, price £4.50
Tracy Ryan, Bloc Notes, £4.50
Marjorie Welish, A Test of Spacing, price £4.50
Grzegorz Wroblewski, Our Flying Objects, price £4.50

all available from 1 October 2007



There will be reading to launch the new series at 18.00 on 6 October
at Heffer¹s Bookshop, Trinity Street, Cambridge

David Chaloner will read from his new book, Beyond These Lines
John Kinsella will read from his work and from Tracy Ryan¹s new book, Bloc Notes

This event is ticketed but free of charge. To obtain your ticket, contact HYPERLINK mailto:literature@heffers.co.uk


Simon Jarvis, F subscript zero, 8 x 9in., 20pp, price £4.00
Carol Watts, Brass, Running, A5, 20pp, price £3.00
Rod Mengham, Diving Tower, A5, 16pp, price £3.00
Elizabeth Willis, The Great Egg of Night, A5, 20pp, price £3.00
John Kinsella, Love Sonnets, A5, 64pp, price £3.00
Barry MacSweeney, Horses in Boiling Blood, A4, perfect bound, 84pp,price £8.00
Caroline Bergvall, 8 Figs, A5, 48pp, price £3.00
Tony Lopez, Equal Signs, A5, 40pp, price £3.00

All publications are post free if ordered direct from the address given above.
Cheques should be made payable to Equipage.


J.H.Prynne, Biting the Air, A5, 20pp, price £3.00
Anna Mendelssohn, Implacable Art (published by Equipage/Folio) perfect bound, 140pp, including 32pp of drawings, price £7.95 + £1.00 p&p
Peter Minter, Morning, Hyphen, A5, 36pp, price £3.00
Andrew Duncan (editor and translator), Depart, Kaspar: Modern German Poems, A5, 44pp, price £3.00
Brian Catling, Large Ghost, A5, 20pp, price £3.00
Accomplices: Poems for Stephen Rodefer, A5, 28pp, price £3.00
Tadeusz Pioro, Infinite Neighbourhood, A5, 28pp, price £3.00
Allen Fisher, Ring Shout, A5, 16pp, price £3.00
Marjorie Welish, Begetting Textile, A5, 24pp, price £3.00
William Fuller, Roll, A5, 24pp, price £3.00
Drew Milne, The Gates of Gaza, A5, 20pp, price £3.00
Barry MacSweeney, Sweet Advocate, A5, 24pp, price £3.00
Peter Gizzi, Add This to the House, A5, 40pp, price £3.00
Drew Milne, Familiars, A5, 24pp, price £3.00
J.H.Prynne, Pearls That Were, perfect bound, 28pp, price £4.00
Ian Patterson, Much More Pronounced, A5, 24pp, price £3.00
John Wilkinson, Reverses, A5, 28pp, price £3.00
Jennifer Moxley, Wrong Life, A5, 28pp, price £3.00
John Kinsella, The Benefaction, A5, 62pp, price £3.00
Ralph Hawkins, The Coiling Dragon The Scarlet Bird The White Tiger A Blue & Misted Shroud, A5, 44pp, price £3.00
Geoff Ward, Rainer Maria Rilke: Duino Elegies, A5, 28pp, price £3.00
David Chaloner, Art for Others, A5, 16pp, price £3.00
Drew Milne, As It Were, A5, 20pp, price £3.00
John Forbes, Humidity, A5, 28pp, price £3.00
R.F. Langley, Jack, A5, 28pp, price £3.00
Iain Sinclair, The Ebbing of the Kraft, A5, 40pp. price £3.00
Pierre Alferi, Personal Pong, translated by Kevin Nolan, A5, 20pp, price £3.00
John Wilkinson, Sarn Helen, A5, 32pp, price £3.00
J.H. Prynne, For the Monogram, A5, 20pp, price £3.00
John Kinsella, Graphology, A5, 36pp, price £3.00
John Tranter, Gasoline Kisses, A5, 40pp, price £3.00
Keston Sutherland, Lidia, A5, 24pp, price £3.00
Richard Makin, universlipre, A5, 52pp, price £3.00
John James, Schlegel Eats a Bagel, A5, 24pp, price £3.00
Simon Perril, Spirit Level, A5, 20pp, price £3.00
Keston Sutherland, Prag, A5, 12pp, price £3.00
John Kinsella, The Radnoti Poems, A5, 56pp, price £3.00
Mas Abe, Agile, A5, 12pp, price £3.00
Peter Hughes, Paul Klee¹s Diary, A5, 32pp, price £3.00
Barry MacSweeney, Pearl, A4, 28pp, price £4.00
Peter Hughes, Psyche in the Gargano, A5, 24pp, price £3.00
Richard Makin, f : w :d, A5, 48pp, price £3.00
Tony Lopez, Negative Equity, A5, 40pp, price £3.00
Out to Lunch, Turnpike Ruler, A5, 32pp, price £3.00
Ulli Freer, Blvd.s, A5, 32pp, price £3.00
Drew Milne, How Peace Came, A5, 28pp, price £3.00
J.H.Prynne, Her Weasels Wild Returning, A5, 12pp, price £3.00
Antonio Bellotti (ed.), Milk of Late(anthology), A5, 60pp, price £3.00
John Wilkinson, Torn off a Strip, A5, 36pp, price £3.00
Peter Riley, Lecture, A5, 28pp, price £3.00
David Chaloner, The Edge, A5, 28pp, price £3.00
Michael Haslam, Four Poems, A5, 36pp, price £3.00
Caroline Bergvall, Strange Passage, A5, 28pp, price £3.00
Andrew Duncan, Alien Skies, A5, 32pp, price £3.00
Ian Patterson, Tense Fodder, A5, 24pp, price £3.00
Drew Milne, Satyrs and Mephitic Angels, A5, 20pp, price £3.00
Rod Mengham, Feuds, A5, 20pp, price £3.00
Alan Halsey, Reasonable Distance, A5, 24pp, price £3.00
Ulli Freer, Sand Poles, A5, 28pp, price £3.00
Out to Lunch, 28 Sliverfish Macronix, A5, 32pp, price £3.00
D.S.Marriott, Lative, A5, 24pp, price £2.00
John Wilkinson, The Nile, A5, 28pp, price £2.00

ALSO AVAILABLE Published by Salt (Folio):

Luska Mengham, Leaked Out Local, A5, 20pp, price £2.00

ALSO AVAILABLE Published by Zoland Books

Rudy Burckhardt and Simon Pettet, Talking Pictures: the Photography of Rudy Burckhardt , A4, perfect bound, 248 pp, price £15.00

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