Colombian Poet Angye Gaona on Trial

This just in by email from Séamas Cain:

The poet Angye Gaona has been charged formally by the Colombian government prosecutors.  She is accused of “Rebellion” and “drug trafficking.”  The prosecutors have indicated that this frame-up trial will begin on 23 January 2012 at the special criminal court in Cartagena de Indias.

Angye Gaona is completely innocent of these charges!  But she is considered a nuisance by the ultra-conservative government because her writings, interviews, and speeches have had a considerable influence on young Colombians.  But “crime” and “drug trafficking,” no, not at all!

Angye was unexpectedly arrested in January of last year without any written or formal charge, but was released on caution in July after much international pressure.  And, now, once again, she is completely innocent of these frame-up charges and professional defamations!

Angye Gaona, in a number of articles and interviews, has passionately defended the cause of Colombian Indians, many of whom are being killed by paramilitary gangs on orders of the land developers.  Angye has denounced these mass-killings as “genocide.”

Also, Angye has defended the cause of working class people and their unions, who are constantly being repressed by the industrial conglomerates in Colombia, supported by the government and its Yankee sponsor.  Indeed, she has denounced the present Colombian government as “a terrorist government.”

If nothing is done, her trial may have a dramatic and tragic outcome. Indeed, Colombia is known for its dreadful political trials.  At the moment some 7,000 political prisoners serve long sentences in terrible and overcrowded prisons.

Therefore, it is necessary to try to make known to the Colombian judiciary officials that Angye’s case is being followed closely worldwide.

At the moment, it is important that the examining judge receives many letters, letters asking for a fair trial.  If you want to write such a letter, the address is as follows …

Al Sr. Juez de Conocimiento,
Centro de Servicios Juzgado Único Penal
del Circuito Especializado De Cartagena Adjunto
Centro Barrio San Diego,
Calle De La Cruz No 9-42,
Antiguo Colegio Panamericano 2º Piso,
Cartagena de Indias,
Colombia, South America

Also, you may send a copy of your letter, by e-mail or postal mail, to the ambassador or consul for Colombia in your own country, to increase the pressure.

For your information, I add two links on the case, one in Spanish and the other in French …

Hasta la victoria, siempre !

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