Christopher Logue (1926-2011)

Hadn’t heard about this (news from England are slow & hard to come by) until I saw it on Tom Raworth’s site, so here’s his tribute:

Christopher Logue

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November 23 1926 – December 2 2011

You can find his “information” easily, but Christopher Logue was one of the very few English poets with an edge back in the late 1950s. I published him in (I think) the first “outburst”… at least I remember still setting a poem of his that began:

aeschylus, the oracle said
died from a tortoise falling on his head

which was clearer than most things here then. I also have a memory of him, poor, spending all he had for a David Hockney picture.
The image is stolen from David James site with his father’s photographs : because it’s how I remember him: a glimpse into the past.

Guardian obituary .

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