Occitan Symposium, Banquet & Performance

On Saturday, November 23, Poets House, in partnership with City Lore and NY’OC Trobadors, hosts a landmark symposium celebrating and bringing the riches of southern French poetry and culture to the American public. The symposium gathers international and local poets, artists, scholars, and performers to share the fascinating history of the region and bring to life the songs of troubadours past and present in the endangered lenga d’òc (Occitan language). Chef and foodie favorite … Read more Occitan Symposium, Banquet & Performance

Greeting The Dawn in Sète

Improvised sunrise reading at Voix de la Méditerranée Sète 5AM — July 23rd 2013. Nicole Peyrafitte: Voice & Poetry; Pascal Delalée: Violin; Salvador Paterna: Guitar; Trumpet: Michel Giroud, a.k.a. Coyote; Video Capture: Pierre Joris. NP-Sete 07 23 2013 01 from Tawil Productions on Vimeo.

Ghassan Zaqtan’s Canadian Visa

Last week I was in Glasgow, waiting for Algerian poet Habib Tengour as we were supposed to do a joint poetry reading and a shared presentation of our anthology of North African Literature at the University of Glasgow. Tengour never made it because he never received his visa for the UK, & his passport was returned to him too late for a planned trip to Algeria for a conference. And now … Read more Ghassan Zaqtan’s Canadian Visa

A Symposium with Pierre Joris and Allen Fisher

via Zoë Skoulding: Nomadic and Processual Poetics: A Symposium with Pierre Joris and Allen Fisher 17th-18th May 2013. Bangor University — FINAL DEADLINE FOR PROPOSALS: APRIL 15th —   This one-day symposium is organised by Contempo, the Centre for Contemporary Poetry which is run jointly by Aberystwyth and Bangor Universities. It will consider the scope and applicability of the ideas of Pierre Joris and Allen Fisher and related poetics, … Read more A Symposium with Pierre Joris and Allen Fisher

Pierre Joris’ Fall Schedule

Here’s my reading & events schedule as of now, for the next few months: Friday/Saturday Sept. 8/9 FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL CHIHUAHUA LITERATURA EN EL BRAVO 2011 Encuentro Internacional de Escritores 
8 al 10 de septiembre. Ciudad Juárez, Chih. Friday, September 8th 10.a.m.:  Universidad Americana del Noreste
Mesa #6. Roberto Echavarren (URU), Pierre Joris (LUX), Myriam Moscona (MEX) y José Eugenio Sánchez (MEX) Saturday, September 9th 12:15 p.m.: Librería Universitaria (Centro Cultural Paso … Read more Pierre Joris’ Fall Schedule

Sole Catalan Bookshop in Paris Closes

Arrived in Paris yesterday afternoon for Val-de-Marne Poetry Festival (details of the week-long program here for those who may be in the region). Then mail in from friend Maas, giving the following sad news: 34 Years of Catalan Literature in Paris comes to an end Jordi Font Comas d’Argemir / CNA Paris (ACN).- The bookshop ‘Pam de Nas’, in the heart of Paris, will close its doors at the end of … Read more Sole Catalan Bookshop in Paris Closes

Poets’ Spring in Luxembourg

Apologies for not having posted these last two weeks, but things have been very hectic and busy indeed. If last week I was in Europe for four days on a family occasion, I will return there this week for five days to take part in the “Printemps des Poètes Luxembourg 2011” festival. When I’m not on the road or in Albany teaching, I am trying to finish another largish … Read more Poets’ Spring in Luxembourg