Charles Olson @ 100

tesserae commissure [written Jan 19th 1962; one of my very favorite Olson poems [audio:] from Olson’s reading at Goddard College, transcript here: ” tesserae commissure UV: What is “tesserae”? CO: Yea. The little pieces that are used in making a mosaic. They are tesserae, the, the—all those little pieces of stone and glass and color. UV: And the other word? CO: “Commissure,” which means, uh, bound together. But it’s … Read more Charles Olson @ 100

Oskar Pastior Fortsetzung

Here are this week’s signandsight noticings on the ongoing Oskar Pastior affair: Oskar Pastior’s Securitate past After it emerged that the Romanian-German poet Oskar Pastior (more here) had been working for the Romanian Securitate under the name “Informant Stein Otto“, all his friends hoped that these revelations would not be followed by a slew of incriminating evidence regarding his spying activities. A former friend of Pastior’s, the Romanian-German author … Read more Oskar Pastior Fortsetzung

Nomadic Nomadics

Arrived in Mostaganem, Algeria tonight for a 2 day conference on translation organized by the Amazigh  (i.e. Berber) High Authority at the University here. Thus, with apologies, no postings for the last 3 days as I was traveling from NYC to Luxembourg via Amsterdam for 24 hours in the bosom of the family, then on to Paris for a night at friends & the plane to Oran this afternoon … Read more Nomadic Nomadics

Olson’s Tombstone Blues

An email in my inbox this rainy morning led me to the site with the following press release. Thought I’d pass it on: For Immediate Release                                                   Dead Poets Society of America Contact Walter Skold: Charles Olson Tombstone in Danger of Splitting September 28 – On the eve of the Charles Olson Centennial about to be celebrated in Gloucester, one New England poet and filmmaker has discovered that Olson’s … Read more Olson’s Tombstone Blues

Pastior’s Letter of Commitment

In Oskar Pastior‘s Bucharest Securitate-dossier (R 249.556) the following hand-written and -signed letter of commitment of 8 June 1961 was found — of course we do not know exactly under what threats to life and limb he was forced to write and sign it. Absolutely no evidence has come to the fore so far that “Stein Otto” did any snitching: “The undersigned  Pastior Capesius Oskar Walter, born 20 October … Read more Pastior’s Letter of Commitment